DIY tree set

DIY tree set

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Christmas has arrived! Everywhere you see the Christmas trees, decorations and lights. Don't you have enough space to put a Christmas tree or do you just want something creative this year? Then we have the ideal solution for you. Zolea explains how she made this wooden Christmas tree set.

What you need

  • Scraps of wood (e.g. parquet)
  • A BLACK+DECKER jigsaw
  • A BLACK+DECKER sander
  • A BLACK+DECKER drill
  • Pendulum LED lights
  • A ruler and a pencil

  1. With a ruler and a pencil at the ready you try to make as many triangles as possible out of your piece of wood. Choose sizes that fit into your interior. I made 2 small triangles (+- 15 cm), 1 medium triangle (+- 30 cm) and 1 large triangle (50 cm).

  2. Use the jigsaw to saw the triangles out of the wood.

  3. In the largest tree you will drill holes for the lights. Calculate where you will need to drill and start by drawing the holes with your pencil. You can choose a random pattern or straighten everything neatly. You can do this however you like!

    Place the head of your LED light on a piece of paper and draw the outline with a pencil. Measure the diameter and look for a drill with the same diameter. I used drill bit 5 for my lights. You don't want the lights to be too loose in the hole, but they do have to fit.

    Drill the holes with a wood drill bit.

  4. Sand your Christmas trees with a sander. I always thought it was okay to sand my DIY's by hand, but now that I have such a sander I’m never going back!

  5. Place the lights into the hole. You can use some glue here so that everything is firmly in place, don’t do this if you plane on reusing the lights. To hide the wires, you can staple a piece of fabric to the back of the tree.

    Ready to go! I really like the result! A modern Christmas setting, but certainly just as cosy. You can also paint or stain the trees in nice colours.

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DIY tree set