Référence produit BDCOM400

12V Corded Inflator

This truly versatile inflator can be used anywhere. With three different power sources; you can use it in the home with the mains electric power, plug into an in-car socket using the 12V adapter, or even use the 18V lithium-ion battery if you're on the go outside. Ideal for car and bike tyres, mattresses, footballs and more, the high volume output gets the job done quickly. Complete with a digital pressure gauge and automatic shutoff technology, this inflator brings set-it and forget-it, peace of mind. Pump, pump, pump it up.

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Caractéristiques + Bénéfices

  • Automatic Shut Off feature ensures accurate results every time; no risk of over or under inflating
  • The powerful 160PSI / 11 Bar Air compressor handles a large variety of inflation tasks
  • The compact design allows for easy storage in the vehicle boot / shelf / cupboard etc
  • Powerful design - handles the most demanding inflation tasks
  • Digital gauge to view current pressure and set target pressure
  • 12V DC Power Source
  • High pressure inflation hose for inflating sports equipment and tires
  • high volume inflation hose for larger inflatables
BLACK+DECKER - 12V Corded Inflator - BDCOM400

Caractéristiques produit

Type de Produit Gonfleur
Capacité 160 PSI
Adaptateur de courant alternatif 220 -230 Volts Non
Adaptateur de courant continu 12 Volts Oui
Arrêt automatique Oui
  • Gonfle les pneus de brouette
  • Gonfle les pneus des véhicules lourds
  • Gonfle les pneus de voitures
  • Gonfle les équipements des sports, les ballons de football, de basket etc
  • Gonfler et dégonfler les objets gonflables pour la piscine
  • Gonfler et dégonfler les matelas gonflables
  • 3 Inflation bits

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